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Custom Henna Tattoo

Good thing that Lynn free hands all the henna tattoos.  As you can imagine, personalized or custom henna tattoos are very popular.  If you want something specific, Lynn can do it.  Check out our Henna, Glitter, Airbrush Tattoos on the events we do and how to book henna tattoos for your next party.

Custom Henna Tattoos

Custom Henna Tattoos

Los Angeles Henna Tattoo – Video

New Video of Lynn doing a quick forearm henna tattoo. This is also to test out our new video camera.  Doing the videos are fun.  Our fair season is starting  up again and we look forward to meeting our old friends and making new friends. If you are in the Los Angeles area or anywhere else in  Southern California check out our Henna, Airbrush, Glitter Tattoo Page.