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Los Angeles Henna Tattoo – Video

New Video of Lynn doing a quick forearm henna tattoo. This is also to test out our new video camera.  Doing the videos are fun.  Our fair season is starting  up again and we look forward to meeting our old friends and making new friends. If you are in the Los Angeles area or anywhere else in  Southern California check out our Henna, Airbrush, Glitter Tattoo Page.

Traditional Henna Tattoo Design – Mehandi Flowers

Traditional Henna Tattoo  With Mehandi Flowers  



Traditional Henna Tattoo With Mehandi Flowers


This is a picture of one of our favorite  clients.  She loves Henna! She wanted to get this henna tattoo before she and her family went on a cruise.  This is a traditional Indian design that was drawn on her arm.  This took about 10 minutes to do.  The funny thing is she came back to us after her cruise and told us how everyone wanted to know where she got the henna tattoo.  She said if we were doing them on the cruise we would make a “million dollars”.  Being on a cruise ship and making “a million dollars” sound good to me.  If you don’t see us again.  That is where we will be.  Thank you.  As alway.  If you want to see more.  Browse this blog or just visit our Henna, Airbrush and Glitter Tattoo Page.