Henna Tattoos on the Palm of the Hand


Henna on the Palm of the Hand

Henna on the Palm of the Hand

This is a traditional henna tattoo on the hand.  The story is Middle Eastern women would get their hands done before their wedding.  This is an old tradition. The good news for the bride is that they can not wash dishes until the henna tattoo wears out.  Ladies! Get your henna tattoo on your hand and be free of the dishes for two to four weeks.

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4 thoughts on “Henna Tattoos on the Palm of the Hand

  1. Karen

    that is so pretty and simple i’m going down to Waikiki to get one this weekend can’t wait!!

  2. Mindy

    Hey Lynn,
    I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful design you did on my hand last week. It’s still here! Even after all the washing I’ve been doing it still looks amazing. I just thought you would like to know. Can’t wait to see you at Amanda’s Bat Mitzvah. I’m definitely getting an other one. I love it!!!

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