Custom Henna Tattoo

Good thing that Lynn free hands all the henna tattoos.  As you can imagine, personalized or custom henna tattoos are very popular.  If you want something specific, Lynn can do it.  Check out our Henna, Glitter, Airbrush Tattoos on the events we do and how to book henna tattoos for your next party.

Custom Henna Tattoos

Custom Henna Tattoos

4 thoughts on “Custom Henna Tattoo

  1. Erica

    Thanks Lynn and Michael. The kids loved their tattoos and had such a great time with you both. You guys were the absolute hit of the party! Even my husband, who is so anti tattoo, got one and loves it. I’m so glad we found you!
    Best to both of you,
    Erica & Gil

  2. Stephany

    I saw you guys at a Halloween party this weekend in Beverly Hills and my daughter loved her glitter tattoo. You were both so good with the kids too! They loved you! Are you available for smaller parties too? She wants you to come for her Birthday. It will only be about 50 kids. Let me know.

  3. Sharonda Esary

    what’s up! This is an awesome page. It’s hard to find more contemporary designs like your. Thanks for sharing.

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